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'''Kowloon''' (; ; Hakka Chinese|Hakka: ''Giu3lung2'') is an area in Hong Kong comprising the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon. It is bordered by the Lei Yue Mun strait to the east, Mei Foo Sun Chuen and Stonecutters Island|Stonecutter's Island to the west, a mountain range, including Tate's Cairn and Lion Rock to the north, and Victoria Harbour to the south. It had a population of 2,019,533 and a population density of 43,033/km in 2006. The peninsula's area is approximately . Together with Hong Kong Island, they contain 48 percent of Hong Kong's total population. The systematic transcription '''Kau Lung''' or '''Kau-lung''' was often used in derived place names before World War II, for example ''Kau-lung Bay'' instead of Kowloon Bay. Other spellings include '''Kauloong''' and...
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